EMR Infinity - Spoiler Guide

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Here's the basic outline of what needs to be done, and how to do it.

  1. You start near the church, and the Tavern keeper will hint that you need to pray in the church. Basically, that means center yourself in front of the cross and hit your action key. You get a 2x recharge for praying.

  2. Talk to the Tavern keeper. He provides good info, as well as enabling the switch behind the tavern which allows you to free him. He, in turn, unlocks the kitchen door where you'll find a 3x potion and one of the 5 magic scrolls you need.

  3. Visit the Pavilion just down the street. You'll have to sneak in the back window, as the clerk is on vacation. You'll find goodies in there, as well as a term foreshadowing your visit with the Leprechaun.

  4. Go to the cottage right outside of town to save your game (read the term to get access to the bedroom where the save buffer is). Oh, and watch out for the Invisible Knight.

  5. Near the cottage is a path to Merlin's Cave. Talk to Merlin, learn about stuff, and watch him open the path to the crystals. There's a scroll in there too, but it's protected by bars which can only be broken with Excalibur.

  6. Back out to the path, and go up north through the Enchanted Forest (watch out for the mean trees). To the left is a waterfall glade and the Leprechaun's term. You need to read the term to open up the path to the Ivory Tower.

  7. The path to Ivory Tower runs between the rock and the forest. Once in the tower, get on the platform to the basement. Kill the rats, follow the leprechaun into the secret area and grab the goodies. There's also a save buffer down there. Now take the platform back up.

  8. Next level up are two knights to kill, then climb the stairs and talk to Merlin again. He gives good info. Then climb the ladder to the top of the tower, kill the sorcerors (grab their potions if you need them), then grab the key out of the wooden room.

  9. Head back to the Enchanted Forest. Actually, you might want to save in the basement first. Once in the Enchanted Forest, run past the mean trees through the forest (parallel but south of path to the Ivory tower). This takes you to the Raven's tree.

  10. Avoid or kill the raven, your choice. Then climb the tree. It takes precision stepping, so turn off run and look at the ground. Climb to the very top, break the eggs in the nest and grab the 2nd key. Head back down, back to the cottage, and save (you might want to go pray before saving).

  11. Back into town, cross the bridge to the castle, avoid or kill the knight, run south along the castle wall, run around the extended part of the castle hugging the wall and dodging arrows. On the other side of that extension is the Smithy.

  12. Read the term in the Smithy's den, as this opens the gate to Sentinel Island. Then jump into the hole, and go through the maze. The maze is bi-level, but you don't get access to the bottom level until you first pick up the scroll in the top level.

  13. In the bottom level, follow the tunnels to the Badger (kind of looks like a mini raptor ;)). Break the bars with your fists, then run back a ways to get out of his way. He'll open the exit passage, then you exit.

  14. Stay under water and swim through the tunnel in the rock under Sentinel Island. Keep going that direction until you get to the Kraken term. Read the term, and the cave to another scroll is revealed. Get the scroll, head back into town, pray and save.

  15. Now take the bridge to Sentinel Island, kill the red knight, use one of your keys to open the chamber door. Go down and talk to the Lady of the Lake. She'll reveal Excalibur for you. Grab the sword, swim to shore, pray and save.

  16. Near the cottage is a hole in the path. Fall into hole and make your way through the bog. Go directly north as far as you can, then turn east, then nw, then west, etc., etc. Key points are where you see stuff laying on the ground. Eventually you'll get to where a stump platform activates. Take this platform up.

  17. You're north of the castle, near the Dragon's Lair now. The first obstacle is the black knight. You might want to save first so you don't have to do the maze again. Stay on the path, running like the wind, then head to the back and go around the hedge along the castle wall. There is a save buffer there. By the way, I hope you prayed before coming through the bog.

  18. Kill the black knight. He's tough.

  19. Climb the rocks and run past the Dragon. I wouldn't bother trying to kill anything unless you feel so inclined. Run into his lair, then to the left to the cold room. Grab the scroll, but don't stand around because you might freeze!

  20. Run back across the lair to the other side where the hot room is. Avoid the fire demons and the demon wizard, and just run to the far end where the fire is. That's a teleporter that will take you back to the church. Time to pray again.

  21. Head back to Merlin's Cavern, use Excalibur to break the bar, grab the last scroll, and head back to the Ivory Tower. Talk to Merlin there and he'll enable the castle gate lock.

  22. Head back to the castle, use your key to unlock the gate, and enter. You'll be teleported to the next level which all takes place in the castle.

  23. You have 3 major directions to choose from. Choose the small one, as that takes you to the kitchen. The kitchen is heavily guarded, so after entering, you can try and kill everything or go to the refrigerator to the left of the entrance, save your game, and then exit the kitchen to compose yourself.

  24. What you do now is your choice, but understand that you need to kill everything in the castle. For ammo, go to the Armory. The path to the armory is one of the 3 initial paths, the large one to the right. The armory is also heavily guarded. Use the 2x recharge in the far back column, grab the arrows up on the stone alcove, and grab the water vials in the room where the knights come out of. Of course, what to do with the knights is your choice. Dodge and fight, or exit and sniper.

  25. The 3rd of the 3 initial paths to the left takes you to the Throne room. Stand on the throne area to open a secret passage behind the throne. Take the passage to a secret access to the dumb waiter which goes to the kitchen. The dumb waiter is not activated until you flip the switch in the kitchen, but at this point, you just want to jump into it, turn to the right and land in the kitchen alcove (above the kitchen). Read the term here left by the cook. Reading the term opens a couple of passages, one of which is needed to get to the castle rampart.

  26. Oh yeah, in the Throne Room, there are two doors on each side of the throne. The one on the left takes you to the dining hall where a 2x potion is. Through the dining hall is a hallway leading around the castle perimeter, at the end of which is a Merlin term. More clues.

  27. Go back to the throne room, take the passage behind the throne, and this time instead of going all the way down the hallway, turn right half way down. This is a hallway which takes you to the overlook area. To the right is the passage to the rampart, guarded by two archers, and where the key you need is. Go get the key, then go recharge and save.

  28. Come back to the overlook and go to the left. This takes you down to the dungeon. Talk to the white knight in the dungeon cell to the left. He wants you to unlock the cell. Use your key to do so. King Lot has now come out of his bedroom. Kill the crazed prisoners who broke through the bars. There's also a safe buffer in their cell.

  29. Recharge and save, and then go kill King Lot. What a good deed you've done! Exit via the terminal in King Lot's bedroom.