EMR is the sequel to Devil in a Blue Dress. Devil in a Blue Dress is also a first-person adventure that sets the player on a mission to stop space pirates from overtaking the galaxy. In EMR, we learn the dark secrets behind those pirate raids, and that it was just a taste of what was to come. As Morgana's diabolical plot unfolds, you are immersed into a wild adventure ride across different time periods, using your skills and cunning to stop her plan.

The EMR story is broken into chapters, and each chapter is broken further into game levels. Here on the story page, you'll be presented with the back story to each chapter, followed by an events timeline.


Some information contained on these pages may potentially spoil the story for the first time player. If you have not yet played EMR, we recommend not reading these pages. These pages are intended for players who have completed the scenario, and would like a recap of the story.