Blood, Sweat & Tears

Porting EMR to the Aleph One engine was a huge undertaking, and the following are the primary contributors who made this port possible.

Directed by Bill Catambay

Original Soundtrack by
James Bisset, Bill Catambay, Dane Smith

Textures by
Richard Bushey, Bill Catambay, Candace Sherriff, Bob Chamot

Lua Programming by
Bill Catambay, Jon Irons, Bob Chamot, Solra Bizna

Physics Engineering by
Bill Catambay

Graphics by
Richard Bushey, Bill Catambay,
Diane Love, Bob Chamot, Robert Kreps

New Map Architectures by
Bill Catambay and Bob Chamot

Sound Engineering by
Bill Catambay and Glen Ditchfield

Sounds by
Bill Catambay, Bob Chamot,
Judd Spitzer, Kip Melchert, Robert Stever