EMR Map Making Contest

EMR submerses you into an entirely new world, with all new textures sets, sprites, sounds and physics. If you have an inkling for map making, and would like to see how your map designs compare to other map makers, then sign up for the EMR map making contest!

Click here for Contest Rules.

Anyone can sign-up, including authors of existing EMR maps. Maps will be voted in two classes: Best overall solo play design, and best overall net game design. In addition to the bragging rights, the top rated maps will be included in the 3.1 release of EMR, and the authors will earn some cool prizes!

There are special versions of Forge and Anvil that are EMR-based (for editing maps and physics). You can download the map making tools from the EMR SourceForge page.

NOTE: Currently, the best tools for editing maps and physics are Forge and Anvil, which are Mac Classic applications. This means you will need a Macintosh that can run in Classic mode to use these tools.

To Enter the Contest:

  1. Subscribe to the MMMG mailing list.
  2. Send your name and the name of the map you are submitting.

With all the new features of AlephOne, the sky is the limit on what you can create with the engine and the new EMR features!