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EMR Infinity 2.1



Version 2.1 Updates:

The EMR CD includes everything that you would download below, plus a lot of extras, such as extra maps, EMR tools, music, and more, all on one beautiful EMR printed CD. [Order Now]

EMR 2.1 Package
(~31 MB)
for Mac OS 8/9
Mirror Link What's Available
Seagull Networks
(File, HTTP)
Includes the full EMR 2.1 package as one single file. Sponsored by Seagull Networks.
The Mac Guild
(File, HTTP)
Includes the full EMR 2.1 package as one single file. You can also download the tools and other add-ons from here. Sponsored by The Mac Guild.
Avalon Hotline
Includes the full EMR 2.1 package, EMR add-on maps, EMR tools, alternate EMR startup tracks, and EMR for M1. Sponsored by ExcaliburWorld.
.Mac Homepage
(File. HTTP)
Includes the full EMR 2.1 package as one single file. Sponsored by Bill Catambay.
(File, HTTP)
Includes the full EMR 2.1 package as one single file. Sponsored by
ACM Louisville
File, HTTP)
Includes the full EMR 2.1 package as one single file. Sponsored by Aaron Davies.
Olorin's Archive
(List, HTTP)
Includes the full EMR 2.1 package as one single file, a single archive containing all the EMR contest maps, and more. All are in MacBinary format. Sponsored by Michael O'Brien.

EMR Tools
Tool Link Tool Description
EMR Forge (732k) This is an installer which patches your Forge application to work with EMR maps (creates a new application called Forge EMR). Forge is the map editor for Infinity maps.
EMR Anvil (12k) This is a ResEdit resource file which can be used to patch a copy of your Anvil application to work with EMR. Anvil is the editor that lets you alter shapes files and physics models.
Physics Map (58k) This is a map used to test sprites and weapons in the EMR world.
EMR Sound Editor (158k) This is a version of the Sound Editor which incorporates the EMR sound names. The Sound Editor allows you to edit the sounds in the Infinity sound file.
EMR Shapes Juggler (65k) This is a version of Shapes Juggler which incorporates the EMR collection names. Shapes Juggler is a utility that builds installers for updating collections within a shapes file.
EMR Fux! (272k) This is a version of Fux! which incorporates EMR names. Fux! is a utility that allows you to edit some hard-coded data within the Infinity engine.
Chisel 2.1.4 (166k) This is a version of Chisel which supports maps of different creator types. Chisel is a utility for adding special effects to maps that is either very difficult or impossible to do with Forge.
Ignore Zero Divides (5k) This utility is useful for those on '040 machines. It fixes the crashing problem that some maps in the EMR package may cause on '040 machines. You do not need this if you play EMR on a PowerMac.

EMR Map Making Contest Entries

See the Contest Page for Scoring Results
Entry Description of Map
First Place *****
Arthur! (658k)
Based on one of the first text adventure games for the Mac, this is a two-level scenario where the player takes on the role of Arthur. Explore the countryside, locate Excalibur, and eventually gain access to the castle where young Arthur challenges the evil King Lot.

This is a 5-star map. As one judge wrote, "This is one of the better maps I've played in a long time, EMR or otherwise".
Second Place ****
Wizard (361k)
This is a 3-level scenario which takes place in Camelot times, with just a hint of Jurassic creatures in the first level. The goal of the scenario is to invade the castle and apprehend the Wizard, including a fierce battle in the very end.

A lot of fun. As one judge wrote, in reference to the final battle scene, "One of the best carnage battles I've ever played."
Third Place ***
Maelburg (577k)
Stranded in a harsh Jurassic environment, this single level scenario takes you on three wild rides to secure the access cards needed to teleport you onto the Maelburg.

Although the 2nd level of this scenario (would have taken you aboard the Maelburg) didn't get completed in time for the contest, this first level was well made and enough fun to earn it a 3rd place prize.
Zombies (528k) After your shuttle ride on the Goliath, you are landed near the futuristic City of Zombies. In this 2-level scenario, experimental mishaps created by Mordred roam the city. Your AI guide, Quazi, helps you on your mission of clearing out the deadly zombies, locating the missing blueprints, killing Mordred, and reaching the Hall of Knighthood.
Dream State (1.5M) Dropped into a deep sleep, this single-level adventure takes you on a mystical wild ride of unknown proportions. Never knowing what lurks around the corner, you explore until you find the leap of faith that wakes you up.
Don't Crush That Dwarf! (674k) This is a small single-level map with one very large battle. With the help of Worf, you discover Morgana's location, but are met with one huge welcoming party. Oil your dachron and prepare for a heated confrontation.
I Sit On Acid (109k) True to its name, this single-level map takes you through a strange checkerboard maze, chock full of baddies, traps, and nasty acid spills.
Traveller (3.2M) This single-level map takes place in the future. Waking up aboard the Bumblebee, you are to rendezvouz with the UPFS Traveller. Fighting the Blue Fire and the GATs, you search for the access card to reach the subprocessor station. You final goal is to gain access to the Time Generator bay.

This map was not received by the deadline, and was therefore not judged. However, it is a very fun map, well worth the download.

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